What Folks Say About Us

IMG_0198 (1)

The following comments came from new fans via our web presence or from music reviewers.  We are grateful for every encouraging word!

“Powerful”                  “Poetic”                        “Nice to hear something different for a change”

“Majestic guitar solos”                           “Rich vocals”                             “Creative, clever lyrics”

“Strong Beats”                                  “Imaginative”                “Lovely tunes and amazing voice”

“Masterfully put together songs”              “Telling real stories”             “I LOVE THIS SONG!!”

“Fabulous piano”                “I guarantee if you listen to this song you will keep replaying it”

“Songs trigger a mix of emotions”                                                      “Great road music”

“Rootsy rock songs with a lot of soul and inspiration”                              “Fresh and mature”

“Songs glued in my head”                                               “A bull’s-eye”

“…almost like a combination of Bruce Springsteen & John Mayer somehow…it has the vocal control and melody of a Mayer song, but the sullen & mixed-emotional, powerful delivery of a Springsteen track like “Streets Of Philadelphia.”  (Sleeping Bag Studios)

“This isn’t the band that said “hope I die before I get old”! This is the group of guys that says “We’ll get that deal before we die!” They should have a crack at it!” – Music Arts Monthly


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