Welcome to the Soul Chatter webpage. We are an indie rock and roots band from before those phrases were likely thought of.  Now that you have stumbled upon our site, put down all of your many electronics and mobile devices.  Put the kids (if applicable) to bed or at least banish them to another room.  As long as you have come this far, give a good listen to a few cuts.  I really hope you like what you hear.  Hell, I hope you buy the lot of them, finance a world tour and solve global poverty and all human conflict in the process!  We digress.  One step at a time.


Leave a note and tell us what you think.  All honest and gentle feedback or conversation is welcome.  I truly hope my band mates don’t shoot me for what gets written on this page.  I paid for the web address, so I may eventually be accused of taking a little creative license.  So it goes.

Places to find our music:

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Note: Our site is being built a piece at a time and will continue to evolve.  We will add archived and new songs from time to time.  Thanks for visiting.

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